Design Packages


Hansel & Gretel: Playbill, Postcard, Business Card

Shelby County Community Theater  Design Package : Playbill, Business Card, Postcard
The concept of this package for the Shelby County Community Theatre was to incorporate the iconic candy in the story but use it creatively in the design.  The candy was photographed and then further manipulated in Photoshop to create the unique graphics of the witch’s house.  The simple cloud background was painted digitally in Illustrator on white, and was chosen to balance the brightness of the gumdrops.  The text colors are pulled from the colors in the gumdrops, and the typeface is the perfect balance between a bold statement and the whimsy a fairytale brings.


Perfect Four String Quartet: CD Cover/Insert, Poster, Ticket

brenna cade portfolio quartet package

This is a conceptual design package focusing visually on the beauty of the orchestra string instruments.  The bold and repetitive graphic was drawn in Illustrator and carefully manipulated to fan out around a center point.  Simple concentric outlines were added to fill the background and add depth to the design.


The Girls of the Garden Club: Playbill, Postcard, Banner

brenna cade portfolio garden
The concept of this package for the Shelby County Community Theatre was to bring an instant feel of the garden.  The use of roses, hand-drawn in Illustrator, brings about a strong visual that is interestingly soft, yet graphic.  The contrast between the bright colors of the flowers and the white background add to the floral feel.  The script header typeface is similar to the flow of the rose vines, and is balanced with the simple and clean typeface used for the remainder of the text.