Bold 3D

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This font was one of the first I created. I wanted a simple bold font with a little 3D touch added. I kept the glyphs open so that when a color is applied, it is only applied to the stroke. For me, this opens up more design options in that you can select the inside of the glyphs in Photoshop and insert a color, image, pattern, etc to enhance your design.

Sketchy Fill
Sketchy Fill Font

This font is a hand-drawn version of a traditional serif font. It is a simple and clean font with a slightly bolder feel. Because it is a simple serif, it is perfect for use in full-body text, headlines, etc.

Sketchy Dots
Sketchy Dots Font

This font is a fun spin on my Sketchy Fill font. The simple serif frame of the glyphs holds in tons of hand-drawn dots that help the font become a basic serif with some added flair.